July 13, 2015

Review of "Building Microservices" by Sam Newman

"Building Microservices" by Sam Newman is a thin book, containing the right amount of information to get started with the ever so popular microservices topic. It is a bird’s-eye view of what constitutes microservices, touching all important subjects. It is not very technical, but mentions relevant technologies and frameworks. Focusing more on the concepts than the concrete technologies makes it actually timeless, and a worthwhile investment. I specifically liked how the author presents the relation between bounded contexts, seams and microservices. Also, he presents valuable advice on how to tackle and migrate monolithic systems. There are a lot of valuable explanations and suggestions relevant for any software system. I recommend this book to every architect and developer dealing with software systems, even if microservices are not a topic on their current agenda.

Tags: Review Microservices Architecture